How to get AWS Blu Insights Terminals application?

You can request access to AWS Blu Insights Terminals from Capture & Replay service in bluinsights.aws. You need to fill a form with your project details, and in case of validation, you will receive a guide for installation by email.

What are the requirements for using Terminals feature?

To use Terminals application, you should have a mainframe test environment (e.g. zD&T for TN3270) with test data. This environment has to contain the programs & data required to run your test cases and it should be accessible by AWS Blu Insights, possibly through a VPN.

Does Terminals work for any modernized application?

No, Terminals application is available for applications modernized with AWS Blu Age Velocity that haven't been changed manually. And for legacy applications replatformed to the AWS cloud.

Why do I receive the message ‘Your token has expired, or it is not properly configured.’?

You should follow the guide received in your validation email to configure the token. If it is expired, you should contact our support to provide you with a new one.

How to use my newly created SIDE file?

To use a SIDE file generated using the user interaction recorder, fill in the address of the modernized application, and launch it using Selenium IDE to import the SIDE file.

NB: generated SIDE files are compatible with Selenium IDE 3.4.0 or newer. We recommend using the up-to-date version of the Firefox extension or of the MacOS/Windows application. The Chrome extension does not allow using function keys and must not be used to test modernized applications.

How do I make the time bar appear in my video?

For a good UX, we strongly recommend you use the same browser for recording and for playing the videos. Other players may not play the video properly. Please validate your environment and process prior to launch a mass recording activity.

What are the compatible browsers?

We recommend using up-to-date versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Recording is not possible for versions prior to:

  • Chrome 57
  • Edge 80
  • Firefox 45

My infrastructure is ready, can I start recordings?

We recommend running a calibration phase before launching mass testing. See the Global Capture strategy.

An online test scenario captured by AWS Blu Insights should be around 10 minutes. Long test scenarios will be complex to validate by developers and testers.

Why did my SIDE file execution fail?

The execution of your SIDE file can fail for multiple reasons, including:

  • The modernized application has differences with the legacy application (e.g. wrong field position, different key implementation, …).
  • The modernized application fields are not interactable, the Selenium can not get the field to verify it or execute an action on it. This can be caused by missing CSS properties.
  • The modernized application exceeds time limits when navigating to screens.

Why does the connection with a specific Workstation ID fail?

The Workstation ID is a field that can only be used by a single session at a time, your provided Workstation ID may be taken.

How to customize the selenese-runner execution?

You can find details about the arguments and options possible in Selenese-runner.

Why did my connection with TLS v1.2 fail?

We don't have control over the TLS handshake, the mainframe/AS400 server may not accept your certificate or keystore. Make sure you follow the Setup steps in Global capture strategy.