Test Capture & Replay

BluInsights brings its own TN3270 terminal and TN5250 terminals that can easily be connected to a zD&T environment or an AS400 environment. These terminals allow using of Cobol and RPG applications (using CICS, DB2, VSAM, etc.) that propose a screen-based interaction (green screens).

In a modernization context, this feature allows to drastically reduce the cost of test scenarios capture and replay since it is reduced to a simple use of the application on the legacy (mainframe) environment.


In addition, it proposes a set of features to :

Record a video of the TN3270

Take screenshots

Extract all screens information including the displayed texts and their underlying details (rows, columns, lengths, etc.)

Record all user interactions and produce a readable JSON file

Generate a Selenium-based script that can be automatically replayed on the modernized version of the Cobol application.