The only product you’ll ever need to assess source code & extract insights., plan projects & assign responsibility., track progress & deliver on time., share documents & discuss details., capture & replay tests., modernize your legacy application source code using AWS M2 Blu Age., ..., pave the way to success.

BluInsights allows you to focus on your execution and customer satisfaction, the complexity of large projects management burden is made easy.

Automate source code assessment

Automate source code assessment

Automatically explore and re-learn source code portfolios within a few minutes. No upfront delay or training or experts needed.


Track work progress without a hassle

Track work progress without a hassle

Invite team members, assign tasks, define status, and share results, progress and updates.

Optimize lead qualification costs

Optimize lead qualification process

Reduce the required experts and time for sales opportunities qualification. Get back to your prospects within hours not days.

Centralize everything in one unique place

Centralize everything in one unique place

Eliminate context switching and ensures every member of your team is always on the same page.

Supported Languages

BluInsights is hyperpolyglot! It supports an array of languages and never stop learning new ones at the speed of the light.

An all-in-one solution packed to say goodbye to chaotic project kick-offs, email threads, long status meetings…

Share work, collaborate efficiently, and keep projects on track.

Different packs to fit your needs. What matters are outcomes!

Professional Services

The service is executed by Blu Age experts.

1 nominated project.

Unlimited number of users.

Pricing is based on the total lines of code.

Advanced Support

Software As A Service

The project is executed by your teams.

Limited number of projects.

Limited number of nominated users.

Free trial (approval is required).

Pricing is based on the number of projects, the number of users, and the duration (months).

Advanced Support

BluInsights is proposed as a SaaS platform that can be leveraged autonomously by your teams or as a professional service performed
by Blu Age teams. Get in touch with us to further discuss your needs, answer your needs and, enable the suitable BluInsights offer to your teams.

We protect your data

We regularly test, assess and evaluate the effectiveness of our processes and technology in collaboration with security experts. We use encryption to safeguard data. Security has always been a top priority and we have relentlessly pursued a robust and mature security strategy since the day the company was founded.