AWS Blu Insights Overview

What is AWS Blu Insights?

AWS Blu Insights is an integrated service for mainframe legacy applications modernization. AWS Blu Insights provides one place where you can plan work, collaborate on code (discovery, analysis, decomposition, etc.), and transform to modern Java applications. You can easily integrate other tools with your projects by connecting them through Boosters. To help you and your team get started quickly, AWS Blu Insights offers a set of features in modernization projects that different modernization projects stakeholders can use. We have organized these features into 10 services: Codebase, To-Dos, Business (Estimates and Pipelines) , Transformation Center, Versions Manager, Timesheet, Capture & Replay, System Utilities, Secured Spaces and Library / Training. Project owners and Secured Spaces creators can manage which team members have access to create, view, or update project resources.

Why should I use AWS Blu Insights?

AWS Blu Insights simplifies project collaboration. It automates the steps and tools required for legacy applications assessment, decomposition, project follow-up, transformation, and delivery. AWS Blu Insights further streamlines the collaboration of multiple teams and stakeholders with different constraints and backgrounds (no need to be an expert to start). With AWS Blu Insights, spend more time working on the target architecture and less time configuring and managing the tools and infrastructure.

Do I need an AWS Account to sign up for AWS Blu Insights?

Yes. You need to request access to AWS Blu Insights through the AWS Mainframe Modernization Console while being logged in to your AWS Account.

How much does AWS Blu Insights cost?

See the pricing page.

AWS Mainframe Modernization proposes two modernization options: Replatform and Refactor. AWS Blu Insights is the Refactor tooling (for assessment, transformation, project management, testing, etc.). The obtained modernized application can then be deployed and managed on AWS using AWS Mainframe Modernization.