Eliminate context switching and ensures every member of your team is always on the same page.

Connect your favorite tools and BluInsights to help all your teams work better together.


The Jenkins Integration lets you link your Continuous Integration toolchain (Jobs) to your tests in order to view job builds status directly on BluInsights, automatically update your test results…


The Jira Integration allows you to link Jira issues to your tests on BluInsights to quickly jump to your Jira project, view important issue information, see if your linked issues are done at glance…



The GitLab Integration lets you link your jobs and your issues to your files, workpackages, and tests. It helps you track tasks and work status from BluInsights and view important information. Your test results are also automatically updated with no required action.



The zD&T Integration lets you connect to a TN3270 terminal to capture your test scenarios and replay them in modernized environments. Learn more.

Blu Age

Blu Age Velocity

The Blu Age Velocity Integration allows customers to seamlessly trigger the Blu Age transformation engine and get the modernized source code.