Analyzing the effort and issues from a finished run is a key feature of the Transformation Center. In order to achieve this, you can click on the “Issues” button on the right side of the filter input in the Velocity section.

You can start analyzing the issues by clicking on the “Select artifacts” button, which will open a pop-up asking you for different information :

  • Select a run : Select the name of the run you want to analyze the issues in;
  • Select files : Select the files you want to analyze the issues of. Only files which have errors and/or warnings can be selected. You can also select all files included in the previously defined scope by clicking on the button next to the dropdown.

Then, click on “Select” to display the results on the table.

For each file, you will find an entry for each action that has been selected and for which there were issues, then the list of issues.
Each issue is categorized by an issue type, the line on which the issue appeared and a generic message to quickly understand the underlying problem.

For more precise information, you can click on the “Error” button of the column with this name, which will prompt a pop-up with the line, message, error cause and the context (lines surrounding the incriminated line).