Schedule is an easy way to keep track of upcoming events with your team. It is presented as a shared calendar where events can be either private (only visible to their owners) or shared among one or multiple profiles.

Add Events

Click on the Schedule module of a project to get started.

Click +New Event and enter the details about your event with a description to give you or your team more information. Events can be:

  • a single day or multi-day with a start and end time.
  • private or shared with other members. If shared, all members will receive an email with the details of the event.

You can also set a reminder in order to receive an email (a few minutes, hours, or days) before the event starts.

It is also possible to add events related to Files, To-Dos, Workpackages… start and end dates through the Selection Properties.

View Events

Events are displayed both in Schedule and in the Dashboard.

In Schedule, each event is presented as a circle having a specific color. Clicking on the event will display all its details.

Schedule - View Events

In Dashboard, if the related chart is activated in the settings, events of the day are listed within their details.

Schedule - Dashboard Events

Don’t have any deadlines for your Project? Turn off the schedule module in the Settings menu.