When does the billing start?

It starts when the Free Tier is consumed.

When does the billing end?

If the project is not deleted, the billing ends after the last installment. Otherwise, the billing will end at the project deletion.

Do I have to pay all the installments if I delete my project?

If the project exceeds the Free Tier, you will pay only for the transformed lines of code (not part of previous billed installments). The installments are canceled, and the billing is done once. Otherwise, no payment is required.

Is there any way to pause billing on a TC project?


How billing occurs for my Transformation Center projects?

See details here.

Do I get charged multiple times for transforming the same program more than once?

No. There is no additional charge for re-converting the same code multiple times within the same TC project.

How can I add new files to my project?

Using Catch-up.

What happens when I add files to my project?

The project metrics (Transformable lines of code, number of installments…) will be updated accordingly.

What happens when I delete files from my TC project?

If the files have already been transformed, nothing will happen. Otherwise, the total transformable lines will decrease and the project metrics will be updated accordingly.

Does the charge per LoC depend on the languages?

No. See Pricing page.

Does the charge per LoC depend on the size of the codebase?

No. See Pricing page.

Do transformable lines of codes include comments?

Yes. All lines except empty ones for supported languages (see supported list).

Does the system keep track of what has already been transformed?

There are badges in the Usage module that indicate the consumption of the Free Tier and Billable lines.

If there is a change to a program that was previously transformed (imported using Catch-up), does it only charge for the additional/changed lines?

Yes, if the original files are overwritten using Catch-up. Only the newly added lines will be charged.

How Blu Insights calculates the number of installments?

1 installment per month over the project duration, as estimated by AWS Blu Insights Estimates. Users can decrease it (>=1) or increase it (+15%, rounded up to the next integer) at the Transformation Center project creation time.

How many TC projects can I create for a given Codebase?

As much as you need based on you role.

Is the installments cost charged even if there is no Run in the month?


Is the transformation fee billed on a monthly basis?


Can I update the number of installments after project creation?


Will I get charged if I check “Only Weather Report” when launching a run?


I don't see a codebase project in the reference projects list creating a new TC project, why?

Only the codebase creator is able to create a billable Transformation Center referring it. This is a safeguard to avoid the client being billed multiple times.