Powerbuilder PBL Extraction

This feature is visible only when files with PBL (PowerBuilder Libraries that contain source code) extension have been detected in the uploaded codebase. In order to explore the source code (SRW, SRU, SRD… files), you need to extract it first.

PBL files are detected at the project creation. They are indicated by an orange exclamation mark asking the user to click on the upper-right menu in order to launch the Extraction.

PBL Extraction

The extraction takes a few minutes depending on the number and size of the files to be extracted. Once done, the user is notified by email, the orange icon is replaced by a green one, and the project metrics are updated. A summary of the extraction is also available on the “…” menu.

PBL Extraction Results

The extraction can be relaunched if needed.

It is also possible to import PowerBuilder code into AWS Blu Insights with no extraction. You can upload the source code files. They usually have the following extensions (list not exhaustive):

Artifact Name Description
srj PowerBuilder Project
sra Application source files
srd DataWindow source files
srf Function source files
srm Menu source files
sru Custom user object source files
srw Window source files
srq Query source files
srp Data pipeline source files
srs Structure source files
sql Stored procedure