Duplicated IDs

In Cobol program there is a field named Program ID defining the ID of the file. This ID have to be unique as it will be the one used to call the program everywhere in the project. However, in some projects, Cobol files with different names may have the same PROGRAM-ID. Getting the list of those files during the assessment is important in order to help understand the dependencies among all programs. 

Here is how you define a Program ID in a file :



You can find this tool in Assets > Statistics in the "…" menu. If your project contains Cobol programs, you will find a "Launch" button under the Duplicated IDs section.


The tool will group all files that have the same Program ID in order to let the user compare and replace the files that do not have a unique Program ID.


Once the analysis ended you will find a "Results" button under the same section


This button will open a pop-up where you will find the detailed results. In the below example, the program ID MYFILE is shared with three programs, here only MYFILE.cob should have this ID. MYOTHERFILE is an ID shared with two files but it will need more investigation to understand which file should have this ID.