Billing and Usage


The usage of the Transformation Center (TC) is charged following the pricing model described here.

For each TC project,

  • the pricing will be based on the number of lines of code (LoC) transformed by Blu Age engines.
  • a free tier of 120 000 lines of code is not charged.
  • the billing is based on monthly installments. The number of the installments is calculated at the creation of the project.

Invoicing starts at the end of the free tier and stops when all installments are consumed. There is no additional charge for re-converting the same code multiple times within the same TC project.


Users access AWS Blu Insights through the AWS console using an account ID. This latter will be used by the billing mechanism.

Project creation

In Transformation Center, after clicking on Create a new project, Blu Insights displays a pop-up with the different information (User creating the project, Project creation date…). Blu Insights automatically calculates the number of installments and allows the user to increase it by 15% and reduce it to 1. Once the user confirms (double confirmation), the project is created.

project creation


For each Velocity Run, Blu Insights calculates the number of new lines of code and updates the consumption of the Free Tier in the Usage module.

Free Tier Run

The user is informed when the Free Tier is consumed which will be start the billing of the first installment.

billed run

Codebase updates

Adding files

Catch-up is a feature that users can use to add files to their Codebase project (and consequently to all related Transformation Center projects). The number of lines of code is automatically updated, and the modification is logged in Usage. For overwritten files, AWS Blu Insights used the difference of lines of code. Users will not be billed two times for the same line in the same file.

Deleting files

The number of lines of code are updated accordingly if the files have not been already transformed. Otherwise, the metrics are not impacted.


In Transformation Center projects, users can update their inputs. The new versions of a file do not represent an over 5% lines of code increase compared to the original version.

  • If less than 5%: The file can be versioned without adding extra fees to the user.
  • If over 5%: The file cannot be versioned. The user can then add the versioned file manually via Catch-up. The total transformable lines of code will increase and the project metrics are updated accordingly.


Users of the Transformation Center can see all the details of their activities impacting the billing. Those activities are available in the project itself and also in the Business service.

Inside the TC project

The module “Usage” is divided into two sections:

  • Project details: Project creator, Creation date, installments, Lines of code (Transformable lines of code / Free Tier / Billable lines of code / Billable lines of code per installment), Number of installments.
  • Activities: includes project creation, starts of Free Tier, starts of new installment,…

Inside Business service

When you create a Transformation Center project, AWS Blu Insights automatically creates a Usage report in Business. You can access the report even when the Transformation Center project is deleted.
Inside the report, you have access to all the activities of the project and their details (the project installment they occurred on, when they were launched, a summary and who triggered them).