Source Code Transformation

AWS Blu Insights embeds a dedicated service called Transformation Center that allows to leverage the AWS Blu Age Velocity engine to transform your legacy source code files to modern Java, Groovy, Angular, etc. This service allows to rapidly and easily select the files to be transformed, pick-up the version of the Velocity engine and launch the transformation. The outputs can be downloaded to be tested, integrated in the application, packaged and deployed.

This service automatically detects the supported files, extract their dependencies from the Codebase project and send them to the Velocity engine that send back the outcomes (modern source code), the status of the transformation for each file, log files, etc. All what you need to move forward is shared in your project.

In a modernization context, this service allows to reduce the effort and expertise to get the modern code since it is reduced to a simple launch of transformations.

More details about the feature can be found in the documentation.