Boost productivity with a quick and efficient overview

Boost productivity with an overview that gives all team members, customers, and partners what they need to make their working lives simpler, more productive, and more pleasant.

AWS Blu Insights is the easiest way for teams to track their work and get results. It's all about knowing who's working on what and when. AWS Blu Insights substantially facilitates collaborative work with visual and fully transparent communication.

Everybody knows the goals and works with the team to get there. Easily organize your own tasks and assign tasks to one of your teammates.

With AWS Blu Insights you have all tasks and communication in one place

AWS Blu Insights offers a high degree of flexibility by allowing users to define their own progress workflow by creating custom status and workpackages. The dashboard offers a visual way to keep track of projects and tasks without effort.

Invite team members, assign them to relevant tasks (source code files, workpackages, tasks, documents, etc.) is very easy.

Receive automatic email notifications for any changes related to your assignments.

Stay on top of everything. Check what's coming up across multiple projects with one simple overview.

Keep all your files, comments, progress, and achievements in one place and say goodbye to uselessly complicated sheets.

AWS Blu Insights, infinite flexibility


AWS Blu Insights provides the perfect tool to support clear roadmaps, task assignments, release planning, and much more. Start with a board, lists, and cards that are the building blocks of organizing work on AWS Blu Insights.

Workpackages, Labels, Status

AWS Blu Insights allows you to enrich your original inputs (source code) with more insights useful for all your project steps from exploration, budgeting, decomposition to kickoff and progress tracking.


Collaboratively create and maintain project documentation at one central place. Turn Documents into a knowledge base for your projects and share it with your team and other stakeholders.

Import, reimport, merge and overwrite

Almost everything can be imported! Source code files of course but also their related workpackages, labels, test scenarios… Whatever the number of information to import, the import will handle it without hassle.

Roles and permissions

Project stakeholders do not have the same permissions depending on their roles. AWS Blu Insights allows an easy and rapid configuration of different user profiles with different permissions on what to see and what s/he can do.

Customized unlimited dashboards

All metrics can be displayed into customizable pie charts or histograms. Building shareable dedicated dashboards depending on the audience (CxO, Developers, Testers, …) is key for clear information sharing and clarity.


Visualize your project plan with shared timelines. You can then easily define the objectives and specify the remaining work related to each scope. Analyze the required activities and create a plan that shows how and when the project will provide the deliverables defined in the project scope.


Use Schedule to keep track of dated to-dos, files, workpackages, and upcoming events (releases, meetings…).

Comments – Conversations

All project artifacts can be commented on to foster collaboration between teammates. Comments can have different types to let stakeholders visually identify important information. They can also contain rich text with advanced formatting, images, links, etc.