New languages and metrics are incrementally added in AWS Blu Insights based on our customer enquiries. Generic metrics are provided for a set of technologies in addition to a dependencies engine that is able to detect most of the links between programs based on their own names.

Generic MetricsAssembly (ASM, MAR), Kotlin (KT), Kotlin Script (KTS), Groovy, Scala (scala, sc), Javascript (js), Typescript (ts), Go, Rust (rust, rlib), Visual Basic (cls, vb, bas, frm), Swift, XML, XMI, HTML (html, htm), XSD, OWL, Shell (sh, zsh, bash), CSS, SCSS, SASS, LESS, SQL, Python (py),  Ruby (rb), Matlab (m), Informix 4GL (4gl, per, ec)
DependenciesThe Generic Analysis partially handles dependencies for any language based on file names.