Upload your codebase and let AWS Blu Insights tell you all what you need to know

AWS Blu Insights is hyperpolyglot! It supports an array of languages and never stop learning new ones at the speed of the light.

One of the most important features of AWS Blu Insights is to generate detailed metrics for a large number of technologies.

AWS Blu Insights proposes 4 types of analysis that rely on file extensions or file types detected by the classification (see below). Each analysis aims to extract dedicated metrics as depicted below:

  • Generic Metrics Obtained automatically when the source code is uploaded. It calculates per file the number of lines of code (loc), the number of comments, and the number of empty lines. These metrics are also aggregated in order to get the totals on the folders, types, and path levels.
  • Dependencies Launched by the user if the technology is supported. It calculates the relationships between the uploaded files (mainly direct dependencies through calls).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity Launched by the user if the technology is supported. It calculates the cyclomatic complexity per source code file.
  • Classification Activated only if the uploaded source code contains files without extensions or files with a .TXT extension. It detects the types of each file (underlying programming languages) and updates the Generic Metrics.
  • Transformation Launched by the user to transform the legacy source code of the supported technologies using the AWS Blu Age Velocity engine. It produces modern Java, Angular, Groovy, etc. modern code.

For each family of platforms and related languages, AWS Blu Insights supports a set of extensions for which it will be able to provide the best-in-class metrics.