How can I try BluInsights?

In order to try BluInsights, you need to get certified (see accreditation program).


Is BluInsights available in other languages?

BluInsights is only available in English. However, we have made sure that all fields you may wish to complete can handle pretty much any language.  


How to reset authenticator?

Please email with your email account. Once a dedicated member of our team answers you, you will be able to re-configure your MFA device on your next login.


How do I update my name, email, or password?

Update your Profile in a snap! Click on your avatar in the upper right corner of BluInsights and in order to edit your information, select Profile in Menu.  


Which browsers are supported?

We highly recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to have the best experience when using Bluinsights. The platform also works well in the latest version of Firefox.


Why does my account get disabled?

For security reasons, we disable inactive accounts (no login for over 30 days). Although BluInsights alerts you prior to disable your account. If you need to re-activate it, please email