Dev and Special Blu Age Runtimes

The following is a guide on accessing the Dev and Special Blu Age runtimes. The differences between these runtimes and their purpose is explained on the Get Started page.


  • Access to both runtimes is through Blu Age Toolbox requests.

  • Once the Blu Age toolbox request is processed and approved, the bucket corresponding to the runtime requested will be accessible from the account specified in the request. The buckets are:

    • For developers: s3://toolbox-dev-runtime

    • For special deployments: s3://toolbox-special-runtime

  • S3 read permissions are required on the principal accessing the bucket from the authorized account. Below is an example policy allowing all read actions on the s3://toolbox-dev-runtime bucket:
  "Version": "2012-10-17",
  "Statement": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Action": [
      "Resource": [


In all the following examples, the s3://toolbox-dev-runtime bucket will be used.  The same commands can be adapted for s3://toolbox-special-runtime if it has been requested and the request is approved.

The bucket content can be listed by running the following AWS CLI command.

aws s3 ls s3://toolbox-dev-runtime

This command returns a list of folders that correspond to different versions of the AWS Blu Age Runtime for Developers. Example response:

PRE 3.10.0/

The content of a specific version folder can be listed by running the following command (using the version as an example):

aws s3 ls s3://toolbox-dev-runtime/

The command returns the name of the dev runtime artifact on that folder. Example response:

2024-02-07 12:55:28  140642466 gapwalk-

The dev runtime for a specific version can be downloaded to the current the local directory by running the following command (still using as an example):

aws s3 cp s3://toolbox-dev-runtime/ .

The . at the end means that the target folder is the current local directory. It can be replaced with any local path to download the runtime to a different directory.