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The goal of this documentation is to list and describe access to the different Blu Age Runtimes.

Nightly builds & Official releases

Nightly builds are typically released twice a day. They follow a version scheme of major.minor.0.nightly-version (e.g.

Official releases are typically released every month or two months. They follow a version scheme of major.minor.0 (e.g. 3.10.0).

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the following documentation is valid for both nightly builds and official releases.





Distribution channel

Non-managedTest, Automation & Production deployments on supported target environments (currently EC2)

Onboarding documentation
DevDevelop, test, build, and debug in an IDE

✅ (limited to 2 hours of usage)

Blu Age Toolbox (more info)
SpecialDeployments on non-supported targets environments

Blu Age Toolbox (more info)