AWS Refactor Accreditation Program

Access to BluInsights is limited to customers and certified individuals. The accreditation program is based on three complementary levels of certifications. Each level grants access to different services.

AWS M2 Blu Age Refactor proposes an accreditation program for all interested individuals belonging to AWS customers, GSIs partners or ProServe teams. At the end of this program, enrolled members will be certified and autonomous to engage with modernization projects leveraging a proven methodology based on the AWS M2 Blu Age Refactor service. The program covers an extensive set of topics from pre-sales to delivery and may interest various profiles (non-exhaustive list):

  • Pre-sales & sales workforce
  • Technical assessment experts
  • Delivery workforce
  • Solution Architects
  • Project and Engagement Managers

The accreditation program is based on three complementary levels of certifications. Each level grants access to different tools and materials (slides, contracts samples, etc.). Incrementally, while going from Level 1 to Level 3, enrolled members will gain multiple skills:

  • Qualification and assessments of projects to serve the customer
  • Engagement models with a focus on Assess/Mobilize phases
  • Project estimate (scope, milestones, budget)
  • POC or pilot definition
  • Fixed-Price SOW drafting
  • AWS Blu Age Refactor Questionnaire & FCD
  • Hands-on-experience with M2 Blu Age tooling: Shared Spaces, Code Base Assessment, Business, Transformation Center…



Level 1 – Assessor (online, training)

This first level certification goal is to get a global vision of the program itself, the solution, and a high-level overview of the tools and the underlying method.


The enrolled members have to be GSI Partner individuals (registered with a professional AWS account) or AWS internal individuals.

NB: L1 trainings for GSI individuals will be released by Q4 2022. They are currently restricted to internal AWS individuals. Despite this, to avoid the wait and to schedule something earlier, you could form a group of 15+ individuals for which we could work around this.



A few hours (at your own pace).

How to get certified?
  1. Self-paced online trainings
  2. Send a mail to Dorine Ngango and to inform the M2 Blu Age team to automatically register for upcoming L2 trainings (dates and locations depending on candidates’ numbers and locations)


Available Blu Age tools

As an L1 certified M2 Blu Age Refactor, you will be allowed to register to BluInsights and access the following services:

If you are new to BluInsights, see Get Started guide.


Level 2 – Mobilize readiness (on site, workshop)

You earn level 2 certification after attending an on-site hands-on workshop on opportunity qualification, engagement process and Blu Age tooling practice. Blu Age experts will guide you through concrete projects and exercises using BluInsights.


Level 1 (Assessor) certification.


3.5 days.

How to get certified?

We will notify you to register for the upcoming workshop as soon as the date and location are known.

Available Blu Age tools

As an L2 certified M2 Blu Age Refactor, we will grant you access to extra services on BluInsights to access the following services:



Level 3 – Modernize black belt (shadow, experience)

You earn level 3 certification after shadowing on 2 POCs and 1 project. Blu Age senior experts will guide you through the experience by working on actual case studies. Depending on your profile, you can be certified L3 Delivery or L3 Pre-Sales.

  • Level 2 (Mobilize Readiness) certification
  • Have an actual project opportunity



Depends on the duration of the POC (weeks) and project (months).

How to get certified?

Bring an actual project opportunity and contact:


Available Blu Age tools

As an L3 certified M2 Blu Age Refactor, we will grant you access to all the services on BluInsights with extra permissions:

Besides BluInsights, you will also have access to the M2 Blu Age CI/CD pipeline and M2 Blu Age Build IDE.


For questions regarding this program, please email Dorine Ngango ( and