August 2023

AWS Blu Insights - Self-Service Classification

Classification is a key feature in AWS Blu Insights. Based on files’ contents, it recognizes their types among +30 languages based on +360 known statements. And the list grows permanently based on customers’ requests. 
Although we can handle most of them in a couple of days, we identified a simple and user-friendly way to inject efficiency in the process by letting users handle their specific needs (i.e. classify the remaining Unknowns) directly in Blu Insights leveraging existing features.         

Most times, customers can identify the type of “Unknown” files (usually based on their content using their own patterns) but they struggle to apply changes directly in Blu Insights.         
To fill this gap, we simply added the Manage Types feature in Workspace! Yes, it is as simple as that. 🎉         

Concretely, customers can accomplish the classification of “Unknown” files in the following steps: 

  1. Open the Workspace tab, choose Search item and select ‘Use Regular Expression
  2. Type the pattern in the Search input and check the results (iterate if needed).
  3. Select the result files and click on Manage Types.
  4. Finally, choose the target type (or create it if it does not exist) and click on Transform Types:


NB: This video is not an actual scenario, it is a simple illustration.