People and Permissions

Adding members to projects

​To invite members (customers, partners, colleagues…) into your projects, head to the people page of a project. You’ll see the option to invite a client to the project:

Add a team member

​Type the client email or name, if the member is already registered to BluInsights, it will be proposed in the list, otherwise, enter the complete email and hit “Add another person”. Registered members will be visible on the table and non-registered ones will be listed on the invitation tab. Once registered they will automatically be listed on the first tab. All invited members will receive an email to register and/or connect to BluInsights so they will be able to see the project.


Setting permissions

Different permissions can be granted to invited members depending on their roles. These permissions are grouped into Profiles and are managed at 3 levels:

  • Visible / Hidden Modules
  • View / Edit permissions
  • Visible / Hidden columns

By default, a BluInsights project is built within 3 profiles

  • Owner: it has no restrictions on the project. It is assigned to the project creator and can be assigned to more members. It is a non-editable profile.
  • Team: it gives almost all the permissions except delete actions and access to the catch-up module.
  • Guest: it gives View access to all modules except Settings and Catch-up.
Modules are managed at the project level and the profiles are automatically updated accordingly (See Settings)

Edit profile