BluInsights automatically sends emails to users to keep them informed of all changes on their projects. Three different types of notifications can be turned on (default status) or off. ​

My Stuff - Notifications

  • Last Activities – If enabled, the user will receive an email for any activities made in the project. It contains the name of the project and a link to access it, the user who has made the modification, the name of the modified assignments (files, Tests Scenario, Workpackages…), and a table with the modified fields and their new values.
  • Daily Activities – If enabled, the user will receive a daily email with all the activities of the project. It summarizes the last changes in the past 24 hours.
  • My Activities – If enabled, the user will receive emails only if changes have been made to her artifacts (i.e. editing her assignments or adding new ones).

Notification preferences are specific to each member and each project.