Is my data backed up in case of an emergency?

Data is backed up in nearly real-time and written to multiple disks instantly physically separated from the primary servers to ensure fault tolerance. We can perform a full backup recovery in the event of a system-wide emergency.


Do you encrypt my data?

Yes both at rest and in transit.

Encryption at rest: BluInsights configures server-side encryption (SSE) on all dependent resources that store data (disks and database). All of your data is encrypted with an BluInsights key.

Encryption in transit: BluInsights uses HTTPS to encrypt the service APIs.


How can I define permissions and roles?



Can I delete my data and their backups?

Yes, when you request a deletion of your Shared Spaces files, BluInsights will delete them with their backups almost immediately. For your Codebase projects, BluInsights will delete your files within a few minutes, and within 24 hours for their backups.