Capture & Replay

What are the requirements for using Capture & Replay feature?

To use Capture & Replay, you should have a mainframe a test environment (e.g. zD&T for TN3270) with test data. This environment has to contain the programs & data used by your test cases and it should be accessible by BluInsights either:

  • through a VPN,
  • an installed BluInsights on-premise configured to have access to it.


Does Capture & Replay work for any modernized application?

No, Capture & Replay feature, is only available for applications modernized with Blu Age Velocity and have not been manually changed.


How to use my newly created SIDE file ?

To use a SIDE file generated using the user interaction recorder, fill in the address of the modernized application and launch it using any version of a Selenium IDE able to import a SIDE file.