Capture & Replay

BluInsights Capture & Replay service lets you access character-based hosts. It can be used to connect to IBM mainframes (via TN3270 or TN5250).


Configuring basic connection properties

You can configure the basic connection properties such as terminal type, host, and port.

Capture & Replay

  1. Configure the terminal type: select the type of terminal emulation connection to use: TN3270 or TN5250.
  2. Type the name or IP address of the host.
  3. Type the port number on which the host is configured if it is different than the default value. The default is 3270 for TN3270 and 32 for TN5250.

Only the host address and the port are required to connect to the mainframe without being intrusive (nothing has to be installed on the mainframe or the VM hosting it in case of zD&T environments). So far, only 80×24 screen sizes are supported (more will be added in the next releases).



TN5250 is a terminal emulator that securely connects BluInsights to an iSeries (AS/400). The AS/400 – also called the “IBM iSeries,” is a midrange server from IBM, designed for the business world.

Capture Replay TN5250


TN3270 is a terminal emulator that securely connects BluInsights to mainframes (zSeries).


In addition to traditional terminal emulator features (display, cursor management, key bindings, etc.), our implementation proposes a few advanced features.


Record user interactions

All user actions on the terminal can be recorded (e.g. writing texts, pressing function keys, waiting…) within the right location based on the lines and columns of the terminal. All the captured information is serialized to a JSON file and a SIDE file (Selenium).

Files generated while capturing in TN3270 section

In the case of a modernization project (from mainframe to Java using Blu Age Velocity), users can record test scenarios on their mainframe version of the application to obtain the Selenium files that can be automatically executed on the modernized application. For instance, only the URL where the application is deployed and the name of the transaction to be tested need to be added to the SIDE files.


Extract screen content

All the content of the screen can be extracted as a list of texts having each a set of properties such as length, related row and column, and type (input field or label). Verifications on such extracted data can be automatically inserted in the SIDE file. For example to check if a text is correctly displayed or if an expected value has been obtained, etc.

Capture & Replay - Extract screen content

Within the two previous features, it is possible to completely automate online test capture & replay for modernization projects. The cost of testing will be reduced to the recording phase by a business expert.


Record the terminal screen & Take screenshots

In order to share a scenario or share a particular behavior, it is possible to record a video of the terminal and get an MP4 file downloaded locally on your computer.