Record user interactions

All user actions on the terminal can be recorded (e.g. writing texts, pressing function keys, waiting…) within the right location based on the lines and columns of the terminal. All the captured information is serialized to a JSON file and a SIDE file (Selenium).

How to use the user interactions recorder

  • By clicking the Start button, BluInsights starts recording all user interactions within the terminal.
  • By clicking the Stop button, BluInsights stops the recording and the user will be able to name and download the result.


Files generated while capturing in TN3270 section

In the case of a modernization project (from mainframe to Java using Blu Age Velocity), users can record test scenarios on their mainframe version of the application to obtain the Selenium files that can be automatically executed on the modernized application. For instance, only the URL where the application is deployed and the name of the transaction to be tested need to be added to the SIDE files.