Extract and check screen contents

All the content of the screen can be extracted as a list of texts having each a set of properties such as length, related row and column, and type (input field or label). Verifications on such extracted data can be automatically inserted in the SIDE file. For example to check if a text is correctly displayed or if an expected value has been obtained, etc.

Capture & Replay - Extract screen content

  • By clicking the Check button, BluInsights pauses the recording of user interactions. A table containing all texts and positions contained in the terminal is created.
  • The user can select one or more line in the table and click Add to add the selected texts as assertion in the recorded Selenium test.
  • By clicking the Restart button, BluInsights resumes the recording.
Within the two previous features, it is possible to completely automate online test capture & replay for modernization projects. The cost of testing will be reduced to the recording phase by a business expert.