Green Woodpecker

There’s new stuff! We’re constantly making BluInsights better.
Here are some of the notable new features and improvements that we’ve made to BluInsihgts since it first launched.
30 October 2021
Jack Snipe

The BluInsights team is excited to announce the release of the last version of BluInsights – Jack Snipe.
We have been working mainly on new features and improvements as described below:


New Features

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of protection on top of your email and password.
  • Codebase Project Creation now supports Shared Space uploads.
  • Text editors now support task lists for better organization and tracking.
  • Transformation Center to manage Transformation projects in a dedicated space with direct access to Analyzer Checker.
  • Versions Manager:
    • Relaunch a comparison in Versions Manager projects. A warning icon will appear when the comparison needs to be relaunched (when files in compared projects are added or deleted).
    • File attributes are updated dynamically in Versions Manager projects.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Move files across Shared Spaces.
    • Suggestions for users to invite on a Shared Space.
  • Dependencies Analysis tags missing dependencies as System if they are defined as a System Utility.



  • Classification:
    • Added support for LISTCAT
    • Improved detection of RPG PF (Physical files) and Easytrieve language.
  • Cyclomatic Comlexity: Improvements for Natural.
  • Dependencies:
    • Fixed Cobol’s dynamic call handling.
    • Fixed multiple issues for RPG:
      • Dynamic calls.
      • Free form.
      • More precise marging handling.
    • Added dependency type for Natural.
  • Estimates/Pipelines:
    • Ability to customize lists with icons for a better experience.
  • Homonyms:
    • Homonym files comparison by total, effective and commented lines of code.
    • Identify identical files and their distribution within a group of homonyms with the help of icons.
    • Identical files are highlighted with the same color in the Excel homonyms import.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Users invited on a Shared Space have restricted actions (download only) on files they don’t own.
  • System Utilities:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.
30 September 2021
Iago Sparrow (v3)

Hi there!

We have been intensively working on Blu Insights 3 and it is now available! It brings multiple new features and improvements as depicted below.


New features

  • Time Tracker to see at a glance time spent by your team on each task.
  • Library / Training to learn more about the modernization process, Blu Age technologies, and tools – all centralized in one place.
  • System Utilities to see at a glance what are the known/supported System Utilities among more than 1000 so far (Mainframe, OpenVMS, AS400, PowerBuilder…).
  • Shared Spaces to securely share source code, documents, and more with your colleagues and customers.
  • Versions Manager to compare codebase artifacts and detect added, removed, and modified files.
  • TN5250 for iSeries screen test cases capture & replay.
  • New Home to better organize the new services and get everything on a dedicated space.



  • Estimates & Pipelines:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.
    • More options are proposed to customize the pipelines.
  • Workspace – it is now possible to edit the properties of search results (e.g. look for files containing a specific code pattern and apply to them a label or add them to a package).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity – better support for RPG Free form.
  • Dependencies: 
    • Mainframe option handles Assembly (inter-programs calls) and SQL (Alter tables).
    • Multiple improvements (performance, pattern detection, etc.) for all supported languages.
    • Multiple RPG Free statements support.
    • OpenVMS RUN statement added.
    • Missing and System added for Java and .Net
  • Website & documentation updated –


What’s next?

  • Your feedback & inquiries.
  • Connect System Utilities to the dependencies analysis.
  • Create Codebase projects from Shared Spaces uploads.
  • Propose details about the modified lines of code in Versions Manager.
  • A bunch of improvements (UX, Performance, etc.).


Thank you to Emma, Afaf, Charlie, Abdelilah, Loïk, Houssam, Vincent, Khadija, Paul, Yassine, Nicolas, El Mahfoud, Quentin & Léo, builders of this new BluInsights.

Youssef on behalf of the BluInsights team.

30 August 2021
Herring Gull

We are thrilled to bring you some great stuff in the latest deployed version of BluInsights.

What’s new?

  • Workspace:
    • File attributes (labels, workpackages, dates, etc.) can be directly updated.
    • The list of files can be filtered similarly to all the other pages.
    • An Integrated help with all the supported keyboard shortcuts is provided.
  • Classification
    • Improvement of different Cobol flavors detection.
    • Support for Control Card detection based on their related JCL files.
  • Dependencies
    • All supported statements are now listed in the documentation.
    • Default filters are automatically inserted for dependencies analysis (e.g. Isolated Nodes, System Nodes, Missings, etc.)
    • Multiple RPG 400 improvements (Exported procedures, CALL EX, DTAARA…).
    • Dependencies for C and C++ (alone and within mainframe) is supported.
    • Graph creator and time of edition are now displayed.
    • Multiple link types are now displayed (e.g. Insert, update, etc. between the same Cobol and SQL files)
  • Cyclomatic Complexity:
    • Support added for CA Ideal and C/C++ (alone and within mainframe).
  • Activities:
    • Improvement of the notification emails for better readability and navigation.
  • Estimates & Pipelines:
    • Each pipeline has specific dashboards that include (so far) 6 charts.
    • Advanced filtering options on pipelines is now possible.
    • Excel export for pipelines is available.
    • Estimates can be cloned.
  • Demo project:
    • More files (technologies) have been added to the project to better demonstrate the existing analysis features.
  • Performance:
    • Loading time has been drastically reduced especially for very large projects (Time gain is estimated between 30 and 50%).
5 July 2021
Green Woodpecker

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of BluInsights Green Woodpecker. Almost all the product features are impacted by extra functionalities and improvements.

  • Classification: Control Cards, GDG & CA Ideal (Programs, Reports, Dataviews, Panels…) files are now recognized by the classification engine.
  • Dependencies:
    • Mainframe & iSeries
      • Control Cards are linked to their related JCL files.
      • RPGLE exported subroutines are detected when called by other programs.
      • Multiple improvements for SQL management.
    • Nodes can now be displayed either per type (related languages) or status (custom project workflow).
  • Management:
    • Workpackages status are now automatically calculated depending on the status of their contained artifacts (Files, Test Scenarios, To-Dos…). It is also possible to set a status manually.
    • Test Scenario Results (nested and per workpackage) are calculated similarly to workpackages status.
  • Schedule:
    • Participants of shared events are automatically notified by email when created.
    • Reminders can be added to events.
    • Artifacts (workpackages, files, test scenarios…) start and/or end dates can be automatically inserted as new events.
  • Notifications: activity emails have been improved to better share the information among all team members while removing all the useless noise.
  • To-Dos: Labels are now directly visible on the cards.
  • Estimates & Pipelines: It is now possible to group estimates depending on multiple filters and build business pipelines.
  • Excel Import: More columns (e.g. dates, Test Scenario status, Test Scenario results…) are now proposed for the import feature.
  • New Website & Updated documentation.
28 May 2021

The last BluInsights Batch (our 4-weeks dev cycle) has been intense and exciting. We have been working on a mix of your requests/feedback, new features and a bunch of improvements & bug fixes. The outcomes are packed in a new release called Fody.

  • Dependencies
    • Drag mode: It is now possible to drag a selection of nodes by clicking anywhere on the graph.
    • Layout: Node spacing has been improved to automatically adapt nodes spacing with respect to the number of nodes and links.
    • Nodes Group: Nodes sharing common properties (i.e. workpackages, labels, types and status) can be highlighted within groups with customized colors.
    • Links type: Links between nodes has a type that indicated the nature of the link between nodes (ex: call, exec, copy…)
    • Improved performances: The duration of mainframe dependencies analysis has been drastically reduced especially for large projects.
  • Dashboard
    • New charts have been added (e.g. Documents & Issues per workpackage and per status)
    • It is now possible to filter the content of any dashboard.
  • Filters: More columns are now supported (e.g. issues).
  • Import/Export: More columns have been added both to the Excel import and export.
  • Test Capture: Connect BluInsights to your mainframe environment and manage (execute, store, edit…) your DB2 Queries to dump test datasets.
  • Website & documentation: A beta version of the new website and documentation have been released (all the pages will be available by end of June at the latest).
  • Estimates: It is now possible to calculate estimates in BluInsights 2 (So far the beta version is being validated by a pool of testers).
  • Security & roles: Security, roles and permissions have been improved to allow a better control on access management.
  • Performance Improvements: You should notice an important improvement of loading time especially for large projects (if not, you can always read the funnies 😊)
27 April 2021

We are happy to announce the release of a new version of BluInsights (aka Eagle). Eagle brings a plethora of new features and improvements including (not limited to):

  • Filters: Multiple user-friendliness improvements have been added to let you filter all artifacts without a hassle:
    • Suggestions are now clickable and scrollable.
    • All columns are now proposed for filtering.
    • To-Dos can now be filtered similar to other pages.
    • Saved filters can be shared with all invited stakeholders.
  • Activities & Notifications:
    • All project activities are logged.
    • Notification settings can now be personalized.
  • Shared/Private Artifacts: Boards, Documents, Events, Filters, Groups (dependencies) and Dashboards can now be private (visible only by their owners) or shared with different profiles.
  • Dashboard: New charts related to the Jira booster (Job Status) and Analyzer Checker have been added.
  • Dependencies:
    • Nodes and links colors can be customized based on their types.
    • Generic Analysis (based on files name) has been added to avoid being blocked while waiting for a specific implementation.
    • Performance improvements for large graphs (>200k nodes).
    • SQL management for Mainframe analysis has been added.
    • Links have now specific types (available also for the JSON import).
  • Test Screen capture & Replay: BluInsights has now its own TN3270 (80×24) terminal to:
    • capture test scenarios on a mainframe.
    • automatically generate side files (Selenium) to test modernized applications (with Velocity).
    • record videos and take snapshot of legacy application running on the mainframe.
  • Classification:
    • Performance and SQL support have been improved.
    • Types & extensions management simplified and improved.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Exported Excel and Import template are now identical (same column names).
    • Comments can now be inserted for a selection of artifacts.
    • Documents can be assigned to team members within a specific status.
4 March 2021

During the last months, we have been working on BluInsights 2. A completely new designed product that brings multiple improvements and a plethora of new features! The website (and all related materials) will be also updated in the next few weeks. Here are some of the main modules of this new BluInsights:

  • Assets: All the information related to the source code is grouped in (all metrics, dependencies, homonyms…).
  • To-Dos: Task management is made easy thanks to this user-friendly module allowing to create, assign, share and track tasks among all the team members.
  • Schedule: Shared calendar to highlight important dates such as releases, deployments, etc.
  • Management: Everything you need to organize your modernization projects (timeline, workpackages, test scenarios, status, labels…) is grouped in this section.
  • Modernization Toolbox: A set of features allowing better integration with the modernization project (Analyzer Checker as a service, TN3270 Emulator for online screen capture…)
  • Documents: Create, share and organize all your project documentation in one single place.
  • Catch-up: Need to add extra source code files to your project and get an analysis impact, use this module.

This version relies on a new architecture allowing the manipulation of very large projects (>250 000 source code files and >100M lines of code) in all sections including graph visualization, dependencies analysis, classification, etc.

More details will be shared in the next release notes. So far, we are extensively using BluInsights 2 on some internal projects to validate all the modules. It will be available for all our partners and customers in a few weeks. In the meantime, BluInsights 1 remains available and maintained to bring all the required feature to accelerate modernization phases.

3 February 2021
  • Improvements & Bug fixes: Multiple improvements have been implemented and a few bugs have been fixed.
  • Updated documentation/Website: The documentation and the Website have been updated with new details/content.