Green Woodpecker

There’s new stuff! We’re constantly making BluInsights better.
Here are some of the notable new features and improvements that we’ve made to BluInsihgts since it first launched.
17 June 2022

New features

  • Transformation Center
    • Dashboard
      • Multiple charts (Outputs by type, by status…).
    • Configuration
      • Granular Specific patch management directly in the configuration.
    • Velocity
      • Add new information on the Velocity view for elements that have been processed.
      • Add a status bar for actions allow to get a quick overview of the status of files in one sight from the Velocity table.
    • Inputs
      • Add a new option to automatically include all dependencies for the selected artifacts.
      • Add a new view to see inputs under three Categories (Velocity Includes, Velocity Outputs, Others).
    • TN5250:  Added new functionnalities for TN5250 (see the documentation).
    • Classification : Shell files without extensions are now recognized by the classification engine.
    • Catch-up: Add Shared Spaces in Catch-up to import files.
    • Timeline: Add captions for the displayed artifacts.
    • My Stuff: Add jobs to files, workpackages or test scenarios by importing an Excel file.



  • UX/UI
    • Added tooltips to multiple buttons to better explain their role (e.g. TN3270 & TN5250 record user interactions buttons)
    • Added Spinners, Loaders and Pop-ups to better explain the workflow for multiple services (Transformation Center, Shared Spaces, etc.).
    • Grant and Remove access to a member from a project and keep all the activities.
  • Performances
    • Improve performances of the dependencies engine.
    • Enhance upload speed for large files and sets of multiple files in Shared Spaces.
    • Optimize dependencies CSV export.
    • Decrease the time to download outputs for large projects in the Transformation Center.
  • Transformation Center
    • When including dependencies, the latest version of the file (patch) is now used.
    • Only members of the reference Codebase project can be invited to the transformation project.
    • Velocity issues view: We now see the lines before and after the error.
    • Velocity columns: Added Start date / end date for files, actions, and display timestamps instead of dates.
    • Inputs – configuration: Add a toaster for all configuration uploads


Bug fixes

  • Capture & Replays
    • Fixed “modify field” responses from a server not being handled correctly in TN3270
    • Fixed not being able to retake control of TN3270 using the Escape button when the server issues an error response
    • Added a way to control the access to Capture & Replays functionalities using the Admin panel


  • Dependencies: Make the launch button available after classification.
  • Catch-up: Fix the import of files with special characters.
  • User profile: Allows to change avatar.
  • Classification : Fix Copy files recognition
  • Shared spaces: The list of contributors is now well formatted
  • Dependencies:
    • Assembly – remove irrelevant matches with MCALL
    • JCL – remove &ENTRY from executed program’s dependencies
    • Homogenization of dependency’s link types
  • Transformation Centre:
    • Fix show end date in velocity table
    • Fix console error in issues
    • Display issues informations
    • Display of up to 10 files when selecting artifacts
    • Incorrect file type after classification or versioning of patch inputs.
    • Only display a Run that has at least a step with the status Done, hide runs with no issues, etc.



Documentation: The website (and documentation) has been updated with all the novelties.

3 May 2022
Namaqua Dove
  • Transformation Center:
    • Display only supported codebase projects to create new transformation projects (the Transformation Center supports a codebase project if it contains at least one legacy type of the type velocity output except for SQL).
    • A new view has been added to Velocity module, to see at a glance the issues that might have been occurred during each transformation step. This view regroups the issues found in a table grouped by file and step.
    • In the “Check versions” step, instead of ignoring files with multiple versions, we will take the latest version.
    • Download transformation center velocity outputs for each file and action (Transform, Refactor or Generate).
    • View the log of an action.
    • Automatically add required dependencies for Velocity.
  • Codebase:
    • A new metric has been added to the Selection Properties, based on Contractual Lines of code.
    • Add an Encoding parameter to SAVF Extraction to parse correctly and extract special characters, such as Danish characters.
  • Register & Profile:
  • People:
    • Disable access to the project to a member without removing it from the project to keep all the history.
  • Estimates:
    • New legacy workload form has been added to catch more information about your legacy application architecture.


  • Transformation Center:
    • New configuration options have been added to the input module. You can now add Transform and Generate properties specific to your project to match your needs.
    • New charts have been added (e.g. Velocity versions & Total Runs per status)
    • It is now possible to run Velocity only for supported files.
    • Several improvements have been added (e.g. a toaster after adding Velocity).
  • UI/UX:
    • Simplify the use of Dependencies menus.
    • Add a notification when an upload has failed.
    • Improved responsiveness on small screens for the login and registration page
    • Added scrolling text to the home page.
    • When creating a codebase project from a Shared Space, messages are adapted for when you have no Shared Space with archive or when your filter does not match any archives.
    • Inform how many login attempts you have before your account is disabled
    • Email when an account will be disabled.
    • Improve UI of Shared Space and Authentication pages.
  • Security:
    • When sharing space, prohibit emails which are not allowed by the registrations rules.
    • For more security, no longer make member proposals when creating a Shared Space or member invitation in People.
  • Performances:
    • Improve performances and maintainability of the Cyclomatic Complexity and the Classification.
    • Improve performances when creating projects and deleting files.
    • Improve download performances in Shared Space.

Bug Fixes

  • Dependencies – Mainframe:
    • Fix some issues with definition files.
    • Fix some false missing in JCL.
    • Fix some false missing in RPG.
  • Dependencies – Java: Missing packages and called systems are shown.
  • Dependencies – Graph: Add link types in the Dependencies export.
  • Classification: Fix LISTCAT files.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Shared Space owners are now invited to Codebase projects created from their own Shared Space.
    • Allow capital letters in Shared Space emails.
    • Sorting by file size.
  • Authentication: Prohibit disabled accounts from resetting their password.
  • Import Excel: Pre-fill the name field with the name of the Excel file.
  • Project creation: Fixed search from Shared Spaces.
  • Uploads: Uploads can no longer exceed to 2GB in Documents, Catch-Up and Shared Spaces.
22 March 2022
  • Dependencies – Mainframe:
    • Handle File Definition and Dataset dependencies in COBOL and JCL files.
    • Handle SQL queries in RPG files.
    • Handle another format of LISTCAT files to detect Dataset properly.
  • Transformation Center:
    • A new module called configuration has been added to add custom settings.
      • TransformCustom properties retrieve from the Back Office to make them match your needs. After this generate a metadata.ini file used by the transformation center with all the custom properties.
      • RefactorImport an archive used to refactor the code.
      • GenerateImport a SQL model file used to generate the code.
    • Run Transform Velocity action on a selection of files and get updated status at the end.


  • Transformation Center:
    • Run Velocity on a selection of files
    • A new module called Velocity has been added to view and delete the runs
    • Advanced filtering options on Velocity
  • UI/UX:
    • Simplify navigation in the subgraph menu
    • Add new default filter for Mainframe analysis
    • The Status, Labels and Workpackages lists are now sorted alphabetically.
    • Dependencies: Adding a column called “Velocity” based on System Utilities inputs in dependencies tables view. For each System Utility, identified by the dependencies analysis, this column indicates whether it is supported, not required or not supported.
  • Performance:
    • Improve project creation
    • Improve Classification performance


Bug Fixes
  • Dependencies – Mainframe:
    • Fix detection of ANSI/TANDEM format in Cobol files
    • Fix commented line and string handling resulting false missing in Cobol
    • Fix false missing CTL in JCL
    • Improve performance for RPG project
    • Handle call to sqlcbl as a SQL procedure in SQL and SPZ file
    • Handle call to a file or a SQL table from a select query with an assignment
  • Dependencies – SQL
    • Fix commented line and string handling resulting false missing in SQL queries
    • Handle table creation with a system name property
  • Dependencies – Java: Fix the java dependencies analysis on the demo project
  • Assets
    • Prevent the launch of several dependency analysis by double click
    • Keep the selection between the table view and the graph view
    • Fix the focus in the subgraph and group properties edit pop-up
  • Versions Manager: Make the menu visible to all users
  • Estimate Console: fix the avatar editing bug.
  • Dashboard Settings: disable the Jira Issues card toggle if the project is not linked to a Jira booster.
  • Statistics: disable the Manage Types button if classification is needed.
  • Labels: do not allow the creation of duplicate label names which are now case-sensitive.
  • System Utilities: badge value with filter
  • Shared Spaces: Fixed download error on Shared Spaces and Files above 1GB
10 February 2022
Lilac-Throated Roller

We are pleased to announce a new version of BluInsights (Lilac-Throated Roller). This release brings multiple improvements, bug fixes and new features as depicted below.


    • RPG: QDDS/QDDSI and PF/LF files are respectively now linked based on their respective names.
    • SQL: Comment, Delete and Drop statements are now handled.
    • Link types:
      • edges can have multiple types if relevant.
      • link types can be filtered to look for specific dependency types.
    • UX:
      • More details about the graphs (creator, data, size, etc.) are displayed.
      • The zoom is automatically reset after applying global layouts.


Transformation Center
  • Mass patching is now possible (versions and comments are automatically generated).
  • Revert to the source code file (all the patched inputs of the specific file are automatically deleted).
  • Compare two files in order to track modification.
  • Automatic synchronization between Codebase projects and their related Transformation Center projects have been improved.



New keywords have been added:

  • “in all” to ensure that all elements of the given array have the filtered element.
  • “is empty”
  • “uncategorized” is applicable on workpackages, status and labels.

The column “issue” can now be filtered (issue = id of the issue)

  • Loading performance has been improved especially for projects using SAVF Extraction and Classification.
  • Homonyms are pre-filtered to compare only files with the same type.


Test Scenarios
  • A daily Test Scenario report is now sent to summarize the latest results and highlights those who failed.
  • The name and date of result updates are visible.


Most significant UX improvements
  • Home – It is possible to clear the list of recently visited projects.
  • Login/out – If your session expires, BluInsights will restore the last open page.
  • Activities – Images are correctly displayed in the properties dialog, activities, and emails.
  • To-Dos boards can now be filtered and sorted on creation date or name.
  • GitLab – activities related to the GitLab booster are logged.


Behind the scene

We have also been working on some features that are used behind the scene to improve the whole product. We list here the most relevant:

  • Dependencies debugger: we are building a debugger to let us (probably you in the future) to have, in addition to the dependencies graph, a suggestion of potentially missing links (especially for languages that are not supported yet) that can be inserted in the results and allow in a few clicks get more consistent dependencies.
  • Security: we collaborated with security experts in order to review and scan all BluInsights security (application, infrastructure, tools, dependencies, etc.) in order to make sure our customer data is always protected and securely stored.
  • Stability: we substantially increased the number of automated test scenarios of all our features to make sure we are always aligned with our promised SLA.




30 December 2021
Karoo Prinia

In addition to our regular activities, i.e. delivering new features, improvements, and bug fixes, the last BluInsights dev cycle focus has been dedicated to security and reliability. We depict below the main achievements.


Security and Reliability

Protecting customers data has always been a non-stop activity for the BluInsights team. In each batch (4 weeks dev cycle), we plan different topics to test and improve the security of the application, the infrastructure, the data workflow, the APIs/Frameworks versions, etc. During the last batch, we decided to check everything from scratch as it has never been done before! In fact, we checked all permissions, endpoints, security annotations, tokens validity, etc. We had also checked all our infrastructure configurations to apply all the recommended options and make sure nothing is set by default. We are also carrying out a deep security audit and pentest in collaboration with security experts.

PS: BluInsights does not use Apache log4j and thus has not been impacted by the security vulnerabilities detected a few days ago.


New features

  • GitLab Booster: It is now possible to connect BluInsights to your own GitLab and link your artifacts (files, test scenarios, and workpackages) to your GitLab CI Jobs and/or Issues. Specific charts have also been added for this booster.
  • Transformation Center: Blu Age modernization experts can now create a specific project type to manage the transformation of their legacy assets. This new project type brings a new set of capabilities to accelerate, simplify and automate Velocity transformation projects:
  • Versioning of source code files
  • Tracking of files modification (patches) using specific attributes such as descriptions, versions, created by, etc.
  • Download and delete patched files
  • Advanced filtering options on patched file
  • Timesheets: Team members can report their activities directly into BluInsights (dedicated Time Tracker projects). Based on customized configuration (tasks, profiles, etc.), managers can track their project duration/budget.



  • Classification: Mainframe SAS (Statistical Analysis System files) and EZT (Easytrieve) detection enhancement.
  • Cyclomatic Complexity:  DotNet (C#) enhancements.
  • Dependencies:
    • Java: Performance improvement on large projects.
    • Mainframe & iSeries
      • Statements EXEC CICS MAPSET with INTO or SET term are now handled
      • Delete false missing due to statements in string value
      • JCL, INCLUDE MEMBER= can now address JCL or PROC files
      • Multiple minor fixes for Cobol
    • Natural
      • Delete false missing and dependencies due to inner subroutine call
    • Powerbuilder
      • Delete missing links due to indirect dependencies
  • UX/UI: Multiple small improvements have been implemented to enhance the UI and the UX.


Bug fixes: Multiple minor bugs have been fixed.
Updated documentation/Website: The documentation and the Website have been updated with new details/content.

30 October 2021
Jack Snipe

The BluInsights team is excited to announce the release of the last version of BluInsights – Jack Snipe.
We have been working mainly on new features and improvements as described below:


New Features

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an extra layer of protection on top of your email and password.
  • Codebase Project Creation now supports Shared Space uploads.
  • Text editors now support task lists for better organization and tracking.
  • Transformation Center to manage Transformation projects in a dedicated space with direct access to Analyzer Checker.
  • Versions Manager:
    • Relaunch a comparison in Versions Manager projects. A warning icon will appear when the comparison needs to be relaunched (when files in compared projects are added or deleted).
    • File attributes are updated dynamically in Versions Manager projects.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Move files across Shared Spaces.
    • Suggestions for users to invite on a Shared Space.
  • Dependencies Analysis tags missing dependencies as System if they are defined as a System Utility.



  • Classification:
    • Added support for LISTCAT
    • Improved detection of RPG PF (Physical files) and Easytrieve language.
  • Cyclomatic Comlexity: Improvements for Natural.
  • Dependencies:
    • Fixed Cobol’s dynamic call handling.
    • Fixed multiple issues for RPG:
      • Dynamic calls.
      • Free form.
      • More precise marging handling.
    • Added dependency type for Natural.
  • Estimates/Pipelines:
    • Ability to customize lists with icons for a better experience.
  • Homonyms:
    • Homonym files comparison by total, effective and commented lines of code.
    • Identify identical files and their distribution within a group of homonyms with the help of icons.
    • Identical files are highlighted with the same color in the Excel homonyms import.
  • Shared Spaces:
    • Users invited on a Shared Space have restricted actions (download only) on files they don’t own.
  • System Utilities:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.
30 September 2021
Iago Sparrow (v3)

Hi there!

We have been intensively working on Blu Insights 3 and it is now available! It brings multiple new features and improvements as depicted below.


New features

  • Time Tracker to see at a glance time spent by your team on each task.
  • Library / Training to learn more about the modernization process, Blu Age technologies, and tools – all centralized in one place.
  • System Utilities to see at a glance what are the known/supported System Utilities among more than 1000 so far (Mainframe, OpenVMS, AS400, PowerBuilder…).
  • Shared Spaces to securely share source code, documents, and more with your colleagues and customers.
  • Versions Manager to compare codebase artifacts and detect added, removed, and modified files.
  • TN5250 for iSeries screen test cases capture & replay.
  • New Home to better organize the new services and get everything on a dedicated space.



  • Estimates & Pipelines:
    • Multiple UX&UI enhancements.
    • More options are proposed to customize the pipelines.
  • Workspace – it is now possible to edit the properties of search results (e.g. look for files containing a specific code pattern and apply to them a label or add them to a package).
  • Cyclomatic Complexity – better support for RPG Free form.
  • Dependencies: 
    • Mainframe option handles Assembly (inter-programs calls) and SQL (Alter tables).
    • Multiple improvements (performance, pattern detection, etc.) for all supported languages.
    • Multiple RPG Free statements support.
    • OpenVMS RUN statement added.
    • Missing and System added for Java and .Net
  • Website & documentation updated –


What’s next?

  • Your feedback & inquiries.
  • Connect System Utilities to the dependencies analysis.
  • Create Codebase projects from Shared Spaces uploads.
  • Propose details about the modified lines of code in Versions Manager.
  • A bunch of improvements (UX, Performance, etc.).


Thank you to Emma, Afaf, Charlie, Abdelilah, Loïk, Houssam, Vincent, Khadija, Paul, Yassine, Nicolas, El Mahfoud, Quentin & Léo, builders of this new BluInsights.

Youssef on behalf of the BluInsights team.

30 August 2021
Herring Gull

We are thrilled to bring you some great stuff in the latest deployed version of BluInsights.

What’s new?

  • Workspace:
    • File attributes (labels, workpackages, dates, etc.) can be directly updated.
    • The list of files can be filtered similarly to all the other pages.
    • An Integrated help with all the supported keyboard shortcuts is provided.
  • Classification
    • Improvement of different Cobol flavors detection.
    • Support for Control Card detection based on their related JCL files.
  • Dependencies
    • All supported statements are now listed in the documentation.
    • Default filters are automatically inserted for dependencies analysis (e.g. Isolated Nodes, System Nodes, Missings, etc.)
    • Multiple RPG 400 improvements (Exported procedures, CALL EX, DTAARA…).
    • Dependencies for C and C++ (alone and within mainframe) is supported.
    • Graph creator and time of edition are now displayed.
    • Multiple link types are now displayed (e.g. Insert, update, etc. between the same Cobol and SQL files)
  • Cyclomatic Complexity:
    • Support added for CA Ideal and C/C++ (alone and within mainframe).
  • Activities:
    • Improvement of the notification emails for better readability and navigation.
  • Estimates & Pipelines:
    • Each pipeline has specific dashboards that include (so far) 6 charts.
    • Advanced filtering options on pipelines is now possible.
    • Excel export for pipelines is available.
    • Estimates can be cloned.
  • Demo project:
    • More files (technologies) have been added to the project to better demonstrate the existing analysis features.
  • Performance:
    • Loading time has been drastically reduced especially for very large projects (Time gain is estimated between 30 and 50%).
5 July 2021
Green Woodpecker

We are happy to announce the release of the latest version of BluInsights Green Woodpecker. Almost all the product features are impacted by extra functionalities and improvements.

  • Classification: Control Cards, GDG & CA Ideal (Programs, Reports, Dataviews, Panels…) files are now recognized by the classification engine.
  • Dependencies:
    • Mainframe & iSeries
      • Control Cards are linked to their related JCL files.
      • RPGLE exported subroutines are detected when called by other programs.
      • Multiple improvements for SQL management.
    • Nodes can now be displayed either per type (related languages) or status (custom project workflow).
  • Management:
    • Workpackages status are now automatically calculated depending on the status of their contained artifacts (Files, Test Scenarios, To-Dos…). It is also possible to set a status manually.
    • Test Scenario Results (nested and per workpackage) are calculated similarly to workpackages status.
  • Schedule:
    • Participants of shared events are automatically notified by email when created.
    • Reminders can be added to events.
    • Artifacts (workpackages, files, test scenarios…) start and/or end dates can be automatically inserted as new events.
  • Notifications: activity emails have been improved to better share the information among all team members while removing all the useless noise.
  • To-Dos: Labels are now directly visible on the cards.
  • Estimates & Pipelines: It is now possible to group estimates depending on multiple filters and build business pipelines.
  • Excel Import: More columns (e.g. dates, Test Scenario status, Test Scenario results…) are now proposed for the import feature.
  • New Website & Updated documentation.
28 May 2021

The last BluInsights Batch (our 4-weeks dev cycle) has been intense and exciting. We have been working on a mix of your requests/feedback, new features and a bunch of improvements & bug fixes. The outcomes are packed in a new release called Fody.

  • Dependencies
    • Drag mode: It is now possible to drag a selection of nodes by clicking anywhere on the graph.
    • Layout: Node spacing has been improved to automatically adapt nodes spacing with respect to the number of nodes and links.
    • Nodes Group: Nodes sharing common properties (i.e. workpackages, labels, types and status) can be highlighted within groups with customized colors.
    • Links type: Links between nodes has a type that indicated the nature of the link between nodes (ex: call, exec, copy…)
    • Improved performances: The duration of mainframe dependencies analysis has been drastically reduced especially for large projects.
  • Dashboard
    • New charts have been added (e.g. Documents & Issues per workpackage and per status)
    • It is now possible to filter the content of any dashboard.
  • Filters: More columns are now supported (e.g. issues).
  • Import/Export: More columns have been added both to the Excel import and export.
  • Test Capture: Connect BluInsights to your mainframe environment and manage (execute, store, edit…) your DB2 Queries to dump test datasets.
  • Website & documentation: A beta version of the new website and documentation have been released (all the pages will be available by end of June at the latest).
  • Estimates: It is now possible to calculate estimates in BluInsights 2 (So far the beta version is being validated by a pool of testers).
  • Security & roles: Security, roles and permissions have been improved to allow a better control on access management.
  • Performance Improvements: You should notice an important improvement of loading time especially for large projects (if not, you can always read the funnies 😊)